Too often in Wyoming we humans mess with wildlife (or well at least the "tourons" do). Sometimes, though, the wildlife start it - the mischief that is.

Here are 5 favorite wildlife encounters caught on video:

Perhaps you saw this moose chase a snowboarder. The human here showed no fear. He is that good on the slopes. I, however, may have wet myself.


Heading toward a door at a Colorado Hotel, this Big Horn Sheep must have seen something he didn’t like in the glass door because he took it out in half a second. The sheep must have known they'd done something wrong – what with the way they ran off.


The headline here is “Drunk Bear Gives New Meaning To ‘Wildlife’." The video volume is low, so turn it up and you can hear two guys talk in the background. The bear didn’t seem to care crab apples had been on the ground, and were fermented. Maybe that made each apple taste better than the last.


In a story on "Why NOT to Feed the Deer," we still couldn’t resist adding this sweet video of a woman doing what? Yes, feeding a hungry deer.


Simply the biggest and best “Wyoming Traffic Jam” I have ever seen.