Thanks to our friends at Cheyenne's Black Dog Animal Rescue and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, there are many dogs and cats who get to have a second chance at getting their forever home.

Here's some, of the many, adoptable pets right now.


  • 1


    Primrose is a one-month old domestic shorthair cat.

    Black Dog Animal Rescue
  • 2


    Chase is a one-year-old shepherd/siberian husky mix.

    Black Dog Animal Rescue
  • 3


    Nyla is a one-year-old catahoula leopard dog mix.

    Black Dog Animal Rescue
  • 4


    Tiffany is an eleven-month-old mixed breed, fully grown dog.

    Cheyenne Animal Shelter
  • 5


    Ribeye is a thee-year-old domestic shorthair mix.

    Cheyenne Animal Shelter