Don't we all still go outside to physically check a real mailbox at our home addresses? Don't we all get junk mail? About that I’ve noticed I seem to have some of the same thoughts almost every time.

I get my mail at a cluster of boxes, over in the next quad-plex, where my box number is umpteen something. It’s usually filled by the time I get around to checking it, which is slightly more than infrequent - unless I'm expecting a check. Of course, we all get junk mail. And there’s that one envelope packed thick with discounts on everything we don't need.

I'm thankful there is a dumpster right behind the boxes. Do you weed out the garbage before going back inside? I do, and that's where I have these 5 thoughts:

1. "We are Farmers! Bum padatumpa bum pum pum." ... I didn’t switch to them just because of the commercial – or did I?

2. "Another discount offer to fix my slight hail damage. Yeah, but are they as good as Lennox Auto Body?" … After my last fender bender, I may never go anywhere else. They really did a good professional job. I went with their estimate just because they’re a sponsor of Thankful Thursdays, but they really did not let me down.

3. "20 percent off on an oil change. Woo Hoo, mine are free for another 20,000 miles!" ... I still like seeing that because it reminds me I do have reasons to be thankful.

4. "And am I going to extend that warranty, or look at something else before it ends, or lease?” ... At least I have some time before I have to decide. Maybe I'll do nothing because I hate car shopping.

5. "Oh look, more 'Kohl's Cash!'"  ... Honestly, I've found some real steals there.