I wish I could tell you who she was, back in Russia. I think I found out why she moved to Wyoming. She did not put any subtitles with her videos. But as you look at the videos I posted below you'll figure it out.

in these videos she is, trying to explain to her friends and family back in Mother Russia what life is like here in the United States. Holidays like Halloween seem to have her a little confused.

By using Google Translator I was able to decipher some of the words on her YouTube page to gain an understanding of what she is talking about.

What I do know is that her name is Tanya Petrie, and under that name is where you can find her YouTube page. 

Here are a few choice videos that show her trying to understand where she now lives.


  • 1

    Becoming A U.S. Citizen

    Her social security number and spending money, are a few of the things she talks about in this video.

  • 2

    Exploring Old Faithful

    We may not know what she is saying, but we know where she is.

  • 3

    Spearfish Canyon

    Other side of the state, and into South Dakota, she loves the waterfalls.

  • 4

    She Gets Married

    I have no idea if he is from Russia or America

  • 5

    Dating Sites

    Oh this might explain it. Here she is in one of her first videos, back in Russia. The video is called "Dating Sites."