With Gary Kubiak out from a complex migraine, Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeCamillis is stepping up as the Bronco interim head coach. He was an All-American wrestler at the University of Wyoming.

"I think it will be a seamless transition," GM John Elway said Monday afternoon, according to the breaking news that doctors released Gary with orders of no full-scale coaching until next Monday.

DeCamillis was lauded for his work in game management situations with the head coach and analytics guru, calling this the "least disruptive" alternative.

In 1988, then Broncos’ Coach Dan Reeves, and wife, Pam, took a road trip to Laramie, where a wrestler, DeCamillis, had been courting their daughter, Dana. Both were students at the university. Dan just realized he better meet the young man when Dana talked about marriage.

After college, Joe began a graduate degree while helping coach Wyoming’s wrestling team, as well as high-school football, but would get a call from Dan, with a job opening for an assistant. At first, DeCamillis turned him down. He didn’t want it called nepotism, and he wasn't sure he was ready.

Reeves called a second and third time. “If you can’t do this job,” Dan told him, “Well, I’ll just fire you.” Long story short, after 28 years, including jobs with six other coaching staffs in the National Football League, welcome home.

DeCamillis remains sixth in Wyoming wrestling history with 121 career victories. As a senior for Wyoming, he was eighth in the 1988 NCAA Championships.

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(See Joe on DenverBroncos.com "wired for sound.")