If you haven't spent a lot of time on Wyoming's Craigslist page, the Missed Connections section is usually a gold mine of entertainment, and September has been better than usual.

Check out some of our favorites this month!



  • Townsquare Media

    Squirrel Problems

    This one from a Cheyenne home improvement store reads "you asked if something worked on squirrels. I believe you wanted an area rug. You're cute... like to do lunch on a Sat or Sunday?"

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    Epic Uber Adventure

    Apparently a Cheyenne Uber driver was sent on an "epic adventure" to find someone's phone, she says "you seemed like a fun guy I'd like to chill with. I hope our paths cross again."

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    Scooter Girl

    A guy from Laramie is looking for "scooter girl." He says "I honked at you in my work truck, you waved and gave me a big smile. You were really pretty."

  • Townsquare Media

    Hot Guys In Church

    Apparently a church in Cheyenne has "so many attractive guys." The author says "I was so impressed, that I stayed for the second service as well."

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    Broken Finger Beauty

    A man is looking for a woman at a grocery store with a broken finger. "I can't get you out of my mind" he says. "We met in the back aisle and ended up going through the check out together."

  • Universal

    The Mark Wahlberg Type

    A man claiming to look like Mark Wahlberg is hanging out in Casper for a while, but caution ladies he says "most likely I'll be gone by next week."