Cole Swindell, Chase Rice, Morgan Evans

Even though it rained off and on all day and night, that didn't stop CFD or their great fans from showing up for Cole Swindell, Chase Rice and Morgan Evans.  11,000 fans were in attendance for a great performance.

Morgan Evans was the opener, he did not disappoint at all.  He was a one man band out there, just a man with his guitar and pedal machine.  The Australian felt right at home at CFD 2018.

The middle man was Chase Rice, him and his band came out and made a huge impact.  They made the crowd forget they were at a country concert, coming out and just rocking out at first to some cover songs.  Then of course went on to play all his originals and songs you haven't heard before.  Chase then invited a couple on stage and only sang to the girl, while the man had to stand off to the side drinking his beer.

If that wasn't enough for you, there was still one more act, Cole Swindell.  Cole had his own plans for being on stage.  There was one song that stood out the most, it was about him touring with some of the biggest names in country music today for the past 5 years. Then performed quite a few songs that he wrote for other artists.  Cole definitely owned being the headliner because he sat down a few times, talked to the crowd and told part of his journey to get his own headlining tour.  Cole loves First Responders and Military, so he made sure he paid tribute to them.  His new album comes out next month and while performing new songs, the crowd sang along with him, giving Mr. Swindell goosebumps for knowing his new music so well.  Of course he wrapped up the show with everyone's favorite, Flatliner.