Source: WalletHub

Coming up on National Small Business Week, financial website WalletHub gives an in-depth look at 2017’s Best Small Cities to Start a Business. Cheyenne is #10!

Would you have figured Wyoming had one blip on that radar? If you had to guess, however, maybe you knew of one real oasis in our economic desert. Mayor Marian Orr may be the least surprised.

We could make a case for the whole state being attractive to business, with no income tax for starters, but maybe there’s more reason that Taco Johns Headquarters never left the Capitol City, since starting at Frontier Days 1968.

It’s also good to not be in the top states most affected by a trade war with Mexico.  Wyoming is at #48.

Wyoming does have others on America's list of best cities to start a business, but they're much further from the top. Casper and Laramie are numbers 140 and 143. Gillette’s rank is #230.

We congratulate our neighbor, Utah, for their, two little places that placed ahead of Cheyenne's 10th spot.

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