Congratulations East High School's Jill Lucero on receiving the 2018 Unsung Hero Award and a $2,000 grant, which is given by Voya Financial.

The Unsung Hero program gives grants to K-12 teachers across the country.  It looks at teaching methods, creative educational projects, and ability to positively influence their students. Miss Lucero's teaching motto is, "Don't Delay-Invest Today," it focuses on creating a financial lab for East High students.  One of her assignments is having the students participate in a mock stock market, allowing them to invest and learn about real-world skills.

Jill is one of 100 teachers to receive this award across the country.  The money that was granted to her will fund her program.  She is now competing for one of the three top prizes in the country, either a $5,000 grant, $10,000 grant or $25,000 grant from Voya Financial.