October 14 is National Dessert Day... like we needed a reason to eat dessert.

Cheyenne has a lot of different options to celebrate "NDD" this weekend. And, as a radio DJ who loves to eat, could stand to lose some weight, and has eaten a lot of desserts around town... frankly, I feel qualified to rank my favorite desserts.

As always, if you don't agree or have a favorite I left off the list, please comment and let us know!



  • 1

    Churros and Ice Cream

    Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

    Admittedly, I'm partial to churros. But there's something perfect about the crispy warm churros and cold ice cream together. Not to mention, they drizzle them in caramel and add a dollop of whip cream.

  • 2


    Shari's Cafe & Pies

    When a restaurant's pies are so good their in the name of the restaurant, you know it's a solid choice. Shari's delivers on good pie... I recommend the banana cream.

  • 3

    Ice Cream

    Coldstone Creamery

    For my money, Coldstone offers the best ice cream in town. My personal favorite is a concoction called "That's How I Roll."

  • 4

    Concrete Mixer


    It's tough to go wrong with a concrete mixer from Culver's, especially on a hot day. I'm a fan of "Crazy For Cookie Dough," but they have many toppings.

  • 5


    East Coast Pizza

    Feeling ultra-healthy? Top off the best pizza in town with the best tiramisu in town!