WOAH!!!  What can I say Cheyenne?  It has not even been a week yet and this is what's going on.  I think we are going to have some fun.

So, I just pulled into town on Sunday, July 1st and took over the mornings for Cowboy Country on Monday.  Most do not know me yet, which is fine.  But, you will get to know me pretty soon.  I like having fun, doing crazy things no one else will do.

I am covered in tattoos from head to toe.  So when I came to town and found out about the 4 Ever West Tattoo Festival, I wanted to be involved someway or another.  At the festival they had the first ever tattoo rodeo.  It was 8 seconds without blind and 30 seconds with a blindfold on for the artist.  He had to go until the tattoo was done.  I had no problem volunteering and being the person to get this done.

So folks, all I have to say is, sit back, relax and enjoy, because this is just this first of many.