So what’s in a name, you wonder?  Well, if you ask country artist Cole Swindell, he would tell you that sometimes there’s a forecast in a name, especially his!

Even though his last name is real, Cole confessed in a recent interview what his real or "full" first and middle name is, (drum roll please) “Colden Rainy,” which of course sounds like a weather forecast “cold and rainy!"

Cole admitted that he got teased ruthlessly as a child, but because of who he’s named after, he doesn't mind it at all--his granddaddy, who always told him not to forget where he came from. With a name like “Colden Rainy,” it’s hard not to!

Cole certainly isn't the only one who’s walking around with a rather unusual or weird name. There’s the infamous story of the Pig family, who allegedly had twin daughters that they named “Ima” and “Youra.” And with the last name being Pig, you could only imagine the ribbing these 2 girls got growing up. I’m sure they couldn't wait to get married just so they could change their name!

Brad Paisley’s son is named Huckleberry, (after Huckleberry Finn. And hopefully for this kid’s sake, he goes by the shortened name Huck.) actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter’s name is Apple... and the list of wacky names goes on and on.

The “Ima” and “Youra” names made me think of a gal who called into a radio show that I was on some time back, to tell me that her brother-in-law worked as a part of the census bureau in Texas. There was a family with the last name of Jellot, who had twin girls they named “Lamon” and “Orang.”  Now even though their last name is spelled Jellot, it’s actually pronounced “Jello,” therefore, naming their daughters “Lamon and Orang JELLO!”

What’s the wackiest name you've ever heard?