Cheyenne is extremely fortunate to have a place like the Civic Center. 

There are not many towns with a population the size of Cheyenne that have attracted so many big name performers over the years. From legendary musicians to Broadway tours, the Civic Center always delivers great culture to our city.

When you think of the most famous comedians of all-time, most of them have performed in Cheyenne. Executive Director Dru Rohla and his staff are responsible for tirelessly pursuing the biggest names in comedy.

The Civic Center has a couple of great shows already planned for 2016!

 Check out our top 10 "most legendary" comedians to ever appear at the Cheyenne Civic Center:

1. George Carlin - Arguably the greatest and most innovative comedian of all-time performed right here in Cheyenne.

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2. Jerry Seinfeld - Executive Director Dru Rohlla pursued Seinfeld for roughly three years before he accepted the invite to Wyoming.

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3. Gallagher - Cheyenne audience members will always remember the time they were hit with watermelon chunks.


4. Bill Cosby - Long before the scandal, Bill Cosby appeared in Cheyenne. The mayor was even on hand to welcome Cosby to town.

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5. Jeff Foxworthy - The king of "redneck" comedy brought his act to the Civic Center. Since then, all four members of the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" have been here.

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6. Weird Al Yankovic - The parody master rocked the house with his hilarious take on popular songs.

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7. Jim Gaffigan - Since appearing in Cheyenne, Gaffigan's career has bloomed into a number of standup specials, movies, and yes, hot pocket endorsements.

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8. Brian Regan - One of the most admired and respected comedians in the world. Regan's family friendly act left Cheyenne with a permanent smile.

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9. Dave Chappelle - Chappelle had one of Comedy Central's most watched shows.

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10. Larry The Cable Guy - Nebraska's most famous comedian was in town for a show so funny, you were wiping away tears.

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