The 108th "Border War" did wonders for the Wyoming Cowboys. The last few visits to the venerable old "House of the Rams" hasn't been kind to the Pokes.

All of that was put to rest last Saturday evening. To closeout Hughes with a convincing victory over the Colorado State Rams was SWEET!!!! For all Cowboy fans at the game and the multitudes watching on TV, it was exhilarating to finally bring home the boot.

It's not often at the end of a game, the CSU student section is vacant, however that was the scene on this glorious football Saturday in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Coach Craig Bohl got his first of hopefully many more Border Wars. He's a good man to lead the program, not just a Coach, but someone the players can lookup to and aspire to be like.

To see the players sprint to reclaim the "Bronze Boot" warmed the hearts of Cowboy fans all over the country. For the senior players, who've had a tough four years on the Plains of Laramie, it was even more special.

Just goes to show, things don't always go your way, but if you hang in there, eventually the tide turns your way.

Great job Wyoming Cowboys, not only did you bring the boot back, you guys left one in the arse of your bitter rivals.

Watch the excitement of these guys one last time from the visiting locker room at Hughes Stadium.