Other cities around the country that are about Cheyenne's size definitely have what we can call bad neighborhoods. Maybe we have a few least attractive places, but we’d have to call the Cheyenne Police to get a most dangerous area.

When I came to Cheyenne, I was standing behind my boss, who was helping me search for a place. I pointed at one decent looking photo on his screen, and he said, “No, that’s south of the tracks and you really don’t want to live anywhere south of 16th.” I just I took that as characterization, but I just came across something interesting on citi-data.com.

From parts of a social exchange back in 2009 (I assume are only more true now), a Utah family was planning a move to Cheyenne. He asked people in Cheyenne what area he should avoid. The Utah man explained they’d continue searching for a permanent home, while their first launching point would be from Cheyenne's South Park Estates. What followed was all Cheyenne folks.

We lived in the South West part of town and everyone told us to avoid it and move once we got there. They even told us to send our kids to the other end of town for school. Wrong! We loved it. The roughest part of town in Cheyenne is like the best part of town in Denver or other cities. Low crime and good people.

Others seemed to confirm the same. Only one did say that the south side of Cheyenne IS the worst part of town, only he made clear that it’s just not that bad.

The last entry I saw was this. I'm originally from eastern KS and agree with the others that if you come from a larger city you won't find a really bad area in Cheyenne.

That was all I needed to see, and a nice way to call our question answered.