We know Wyoming has plenty of Bronco lovers, but we polled for Bronco haters, based on an old truism that the most loved is often as much hated.

Do too many of us in orange just make some bordering state folk sick of the world champions? (Never mind how many find the idea blasphemy, and want the heretics deported back to California.)

We just had to ask if Wyoming is as bad as Denver, itself. Every year there, it does seem there are more Raider (and other) fans. Living in Chicago in 1985 I can tell you how I felt about Bears fans. Okay, I'll tell that story tomorrow.


Thanks if you voted, and here are the shocking results. After the first two options, you can see the last two options show there's not much middle ground. (We can only hope for the same low percentage of impassioned, uninformed voters in November.)

I love the Broncos!  33.88%