Thanks to a family of moose, I have learned some things about pumpkins. New video from a Colorado family shows what happened in their backyard just a few days ago.

First, a little backstory. According to the girl who shared the video, this family owns a micro-wedding venue. They live in the forest. Moose also live in the forest. That led to this special moment of moose living their best life and chowing down on pumpkins.

Here's more info from the family on what happened:

We own a treehouse micro-wedding venue (@treehauscolorado) in a forest in Colorado and after our Halloween pumpkins started rotting a moose family came back a few days in a row to eat the pumpkins up! They were very peaceful and stayed on the property all day on Halloween eating bark off of our trees and smashing our pumpkins.

I know that moose eat just about anything, but didn't realize that pumpkins were such a delicacy. I've learned it's true. A media outlet in Alaska shared video of a huge bull ravaging a pumpkin in a neighborhood last year.

We have plenty of moose here and lots of pumpkins that have seen better days. Never know what might end up being eaten in your backyard.

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