We were at the second of three FREE pancake breakfasts at Cheyenne Depot, and the Kiwanis were flipping cakes up in mid air ,but what’s IN the “flipping” of the pancakes?

There’s more to just serving up hot pancakes off the grill, it’s how the Kiwanis Club actually removes those pancakes off the grill and onto the serving pans, by literally flipping them up in the air, and caught on a pan, usually held by one of the local Boy Scouts.

So what does take to actually flip a pancake with such perfection?  “It’s all in the wrist.” says Kiwanis member Dave Sheppard, who’s been flipping those pancakes at the Cheyenne Frontier Pancake breakfasts for several years.  He also went on to say that “practice makes perfect!.” 

I decided to give it a whirl myself to see if I had it “all in the wrist” to flip those pancakes like the pros!  Check out this video of a tried and somewhat failed attempt at flipping the flapjacks.  I guess I need a little more “practice” to make it “perfect!”