Wyoming Senator Enzi recently apologized for saying a man who "wears a pink tutu into a bar …kind of asks for it”, in regards to being harassed. One Wyomingite happily wears dresses and hair bows, citing he served in Vietnam to protect that right.

Meet Sissy.

Larry "Sissy" Goodwin is a Vietnam veteran and former professor at Casper College. He embraced his name years ago after a woman called him "a sissy,” in reference to his style of dress.

He told the LA Times he served in the military so other Americans can look or act any way they choose.

Now approaching 70, Sissy has been married to Vickie Goodwin for almost 50 years. When they got engaged, Mister Goodwin informed her of his clothes preference. She still loved him and went on to marry him.

In 1979, Goodwin was arrested by Casper Police, who offered to drop the charges if he stopped cross-dressing in public. Sissy refused. Over the years, he has been threatened and even physically injured. He shrugs it off calling some of his attackers, "fashion critics."

Goodwin recently retired from teaching and moved to Oregon, where he and Vickie raise chickens.