Good thing Go Daddy tested it's commercial before they spent millions and got the backlash of millions if it aired on Superbowl Sunday. The commercial was yanked and here's why:

GoDaddy has decided to pull their ad from the Super Bowl and remove it from YouTube after causing an uproar on social media. The company released their Super Bowl ad early, and it certainly has people talking-- but they're probably not saying things the company wants to hear. Thousands took to Twitter and Facebook to let the company know they're outraged.

The commercial, titled "Journey Home," features a cute puppy that's been separated from its family on its journey home, but the ending is what's causing the uproar, when you find out the owners are happy to see the puppy because they just sold it on a website built using GoDaddy. A petition to pull the ad garnered tens of thousands of signatures in a matter of a few hours.