It never fails. Every year around the same time, we have to choose between certain Christmas traditions like, "Do we get a fake tree or a real tree this year?" and "Can we open presents Christmas Day or Christmas Eve?" We've even seen a new tradition pop-up... To cook Christmas dinner at home or go out to eat? With all these options, it's enough to tear a family apart!

But those questions have never been a dilemma in my household. Someone is always in charge of cooking. We don't eat out (though, we always argue back and forth about whether to cook a turkey or a ham for Christmas dinner). 

We thought we would ask you these all-important Christmas questions to see where you stand when it comes to holiday traditions. We’ll tally up the votes and let you know what the majority of Cheyennites do next week.

Me? I'm a faker. Because every year you can have it. It won't catch on fire. And my cat leaves it alone (most of the time...). What about you?