Ever been to a wedding, a funeral or the movies and someone’s cell phone goes off?  In the courtroom, you have to turn off your cell phone so you won’t interrupt any hearings going on in a court of law.  However, one judge forgot the rules!

A judge in Michigan was right in the middle of a sentencing hearing when all of the sudden a cell phone started ringing, and his face turned a few shads of red when he realized it was his.  Embarrassed by the situation, he did what any decent judge would do; he fined himself $50 dollars for violating courtroom laws.  I thought that was commendable.

It made me think of the time I went to a wedding and some idiot’s cell phone went off during the ceremony 3 times!  If I were the bride I would have marched back down that isle and yanked that cell phone out of his hand and smashed it on the ground.

However I do realize that it happens to the best of people; including myself!  I wanted to crawl under a seat and hide when my cell phone accidentally went off during the pastor’s sermon at church.  He just calmly stopped, looked at me and said “I think your purse is ringing.”  I quickly grabbed my cell phone, fumbled around with it until I was able to shut it off, it was embarrassing!   Even the guy in this picture is answering his cell phone while performing a dare devil stunt!

Ever have your cell phone go off in an inappropriate place?