tractor pull

Our neighbors to the east, in Nebraska, brought their Heartland Pulling Series into Frontier Park Saturday night.

With 7 different classes for the fans to be entertained, the boys and girls were slinging mud all night.  There were a few folks who pulled right off the street and pulled with their everyday vehicle, even a few folks with their work tractors.  But the real mud starting flying when the Big Block Economod got on the track and the Light Limited Super Stock.

This longtime male dominated sports tone was set by a women bus driver, Stephanie Farro in "Maken Noise."  By day she pulls kids, at night she's pulling trucks.  Also an up in comer who was only 14 years of age, definitely held his own out there.

Next time you hear the engines roaring and black clouds of smoke filling the sky, it's most likely, Heartland Pulling Series.