Sara's Pick of the Coop has made headlines before by offering free food, this time she's feeding a different group. I guess you could say they were 'flocking' to their next feast.

Sara's Pick of the Coop

Hundreds of chickens follow Sara in suit of food. She posted a video of the hens following her down a hill, saying this:

The ladies really wanted that beer grain in the back of the truck at the bottom of the hill.

Sara's Pick of the Coop

Jordan and Michael from New Country 99.1 Mornings had the chance to talk with Sara months back about how she was able to help the community.

Sara's Pick of the Coop was offering a "pay what you can system" chicken eggs to those in need, because "we are all facing some uncertainty right now".

With roughly 2,500 chickens, Sara planned to fill her grocery store orders as well as help our community.

Source: Facebook