I must admit that just thinking about this gives me a headache. Writing about it makes my eyes bleed. What am I talking about? 3D film and 3D television. Now there's a spirited debate online about what role 3D should have in entertainment going forward.

Roger Ebert, the prolific Chicago film critic, has long carried my banner against the nascent 3D revolution. Sunday, he posted on the topic again, after receiving a letter from film and sound editor Walter Murch. Ebert now declares, "The case is closed."

I wish more people would listen to Ebert (and I). Alas, they do not. Devin Coldewey writes in CrunchGear today to combat, as he puts it, "some of the incomplete information" Ebert and Murch are throwing about.

Coldewey says, in effect, that Ebert and Murch are neophytes. If filmmakers take the time to film in ways that work best with 3D, then everything will be fine! (Credit Coldeway, though, for admitting filmmakers might continue to produce crap.)

What do you think: is 3D going to take over the world like sound came to silent film, and color to B&W — or will it eventually fall by the wayside, like quadraphonic sound, disco flicks and DVD-HD? Have your say in the comments.