Jake Owen recently shared some quality time spent with daughter Pearl on Instagram. They took a break from driving to sing a Christmas favorite, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

OK, Pearl does all the singing, and we're grateful for that ... not that we don't love the "Real Life" singer. We do, but honestly the 3-year-old kind of owns this Christmas carol. Watch as Daddy Jake mouths the words during his 15-second-long Instagram clip.

Pearl is the singer's only child with ex-wife Lacey. She's also a frequent focus of pics and videos released on Instagram. You can literally watch her grow up by starting at the bottom of Owen's Instagram page, and scrolling up to this most recent addition. Before that his most recent picture of Pearl was this one, taken at her third birthday party:

Owen is expected to release his next studio album in 2016, although specific details about the project have not yet been made available. "Real Life" was the first single, and it peaked just inside the Top 20.

Owen is one of three headliners at the Taste of Country Music Festival in June.

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