For the past 19 years, we could count on staying up a little late, and get a chuckle from the man who’s made us laugh in the late evening, but after tomorrow night, Jay Leno is passing his Tonight Show baton to Late Show’s Jimmy Fallon, but do you think this change is a good one?

NBC tried to re-arrange their late night line up before, last time leaving Jay in a lurch with earlier viewers, and eventually leaving Conan O’Brien out in the cold.  So, if changing Jimmy Fallon to an earlier time slot, and giving Saturday Night Live Weekend Updater Seth Myers the gig as Late Show host doesn’t pan out, what will they do next?  

Even though Jay said that he’s leaving the show willingly, somehow, I get the feeling that NBC has been nudging him out the door for some time now, after all, Jay did take a pay cut in order to stay on the show.  Ratings for Jay Leno’s show have been the highest for the show since 2010, so why is NBC so determined to make this change?   My guess is to attract a younger audience.  But was it fair to do what they did to Jay, seeing as though his ratings are at an all time high?  What does that say about our society when it comes to people aging, does that mean that they no longer have the talent they once had just because they’re older?  Even Jimmy Fallon knows who's shoes he's following, and even wrote him some "Thank You" notes.  Check out this video here!

What do you think, do you think Jay’s being shoved out the NBC door unfairly, or do you think it’s just time for a change?