With the lead single 'Sunny & 75,' fans of Joe Nichols have been eagerly anticipating an upcoming album from the deep-voiced country singer. Now, they have a date to look forward to, as Nichols has announced the release date for his forthcoming 'Crickets' album.

The release is scheduled to hit the street Oct. 8 and has a whopping 16 tracks -- well worth the two-year wait. In the mix, there's a cover of Merle Haggard's 'Footlights.' It's a song that Nichols practiced singing in his bedroom as a young boy, and is also deeply personal to him and his father Mike, who passed away a decade ago.

Nichols, who describes his sound as "more progressive," obviously has a lot to say within this lengthy album.

But there probably isn't anyone more excited about the new record than Nichols himself, who has been through a lot in the past couple years. He parted with his former label, became a father to an adorable baby girl, signed on with Red Bow Records, and in the midst of it, wrote and recorded a new album.

Nichols has won every Best New Artist award in country music, but he's more on fire than ever these days. We doubt that there will only be 'crickets' praising his new release.