Summer begins officially June 21 and unofficially on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30. This is the time of year we start hitting the road and the sky to head out on vacation. What can you do to make sure your stuff stays where it’s supposed to while you’re away? According to, Wyomingites have a 1 in 51 chance of being the vict

im of property crime. They also have a Wyoming crime rate map if you’re interested. Steve Goddard claims Wyoming’s 60 percent gun ownership rate contributes to our relatively low crime rate. But what about when you’re not there to shoot an intruder?

PopSugar has “9 things robbers look for when canvasing your home” that will likely help keep your home safer while you’re away. A rundown front door makes you an attractive target, along with a single lock. Your trash with the box from a big screen tv invites thieves as does a dark exterior, an overflowing mailbox, windows without shades or curtains. They say make your house look like someone is home with a radio on and lights on timers. Keeping thorny or brittle bushes that snap and crack below windows will keep intruders looking for an easier target. An alarm system is also a good idea.

Howstuffworks recommends a temporary guest such as a friend or relative stay there to clear the newspapers, fliers on your doorknob from peddlers, water the plants and maybe babysit your pet. Hold your mail at the post office and stop newspaper delivery.  Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home and bring your trash cans up to the house and maybe even mow your lawn. Make it look lived in. Be discrete about who you tell that you are going away and cut your risks by waiting to post pictures on social media of your trip. Difficult, but not impossible.

Roadsnacks has an infotainment crime and livability take on Wyoming. Use your brain, do some homework and then have a great vacation. You’ve probably earned it.