Let’s face it, renting has it’s ups and downs, but it couldn’t get lower than this!  A tenant, who’s a reddit user, posted that his landlord actually charges him and other tenants $35 dollars a month to use the elevator!

According to the tenant, the landlord posted a note that read:  “Dear residence, Effective October1st, 2013, you will need to use your scan card to use the elevator.  The first 60 uses are free, and thereafter $35 dollars a month.  If you elect NOT to use this service, the stairs are still free.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Now I’ve had my share of goofy landlords, including one that would come into my home rifle through my belongings when I wasn’t there, only to find out about it after a neighbor told me.  But I've never had a landlord who would charge me to use the elevator!  (Thank GOD I'm a homeowner now!)

Have you ever had a landlord like this?  Rentals are already pricey in Wyoming, especially Cheyenne, would you pay that extra fee just to use the elevator, or would you tell this landlord that you’re taking those “steps” to get the heck of there?