Thank you to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the City of Cheyenne and the Emissions Reduction Grant Program for getting the Latchkey program two brand new energy efficient buses.

The Latchkey program serves as a before and after-school program for students from kindergarten to sixth grade.  They make sure the kids stay active with sports, games, arts n' crafts and help with homework.   The two buses transport almost 200 kids daily to 21 different schools.  The buses drove about 12,000 miles and used 1450 gallons of diesel per year.

“The City of Cheyenne is very excited about having worked with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality on a project that directly benefits our community’s children," Mayor Marian Orr told DEQ. "The diesel engine replacement technology on our new bus will ultimately ensure cleaner air for years to come for the children who will utilize it for transportation and for those who play nearby. These are environmental impacts that help make the community of Cheyenne a better place to live, and we’ll hope to continue to work with DEQ on future opportunities.”

The total cost of the new buses was $174,250.