Just in time for fall, local film makers are bring horror and fright to Cheyenne with their new '80s style creepy movie.

Cheyenne film maker Jerry Steinhour is warning folks to get ready to be scared.

"I have the first trailer to a full length homage to '80s horror," Jerry said. "We have plans for a local premiere as well as distribution once we have post production done.”

Jerry is a Cheyenne native and graduate of East High School. He got together with “creative friends and colleagues” to form Midnight West Productions. They spent a recent weekend finishing principal filming on Summer Rage.The group of Capitol Citizens also got to premiere the teaser trailer at the ZombieFest Film Festival.

Jerry is also a B&B Appliances technician when not making movies. What do you do on weekends?

There are 8-12 members of Midnight West Productions (MWP). Several of their short films over the years have been seen at various local festivals. One short got close to 90,000 views on YouTube.

Jerry and best friend, Shawn Crochet, wrote the script for Summer Rage, out of love for 80's horror films. Jerry told us, “We've always wanted to make a slasher film in that style, but wanted something original.”

When MWP came up with an idea for a script that everyone liked, it took only two months to write it. After raising the money, six nights of auditions were held at the Laramie County Library. The cast is mostly all from Cheyenne as well. They filmed all summer every weekend in Buford, Wyoming between here and Vedauwoo.

“Wyoming seems to be a wonderful place to make movies, especially horror films,” says Jerry.

You can find out more – and maybe be a film extra - via MWP Facebook and/or the group’s website. Steinhour says, "People get to "run for their lives." Can you tell he is extremely passionate about horror flicks?