The Cheyenne Firefighters and Black Dog Animal Rescue are teaming up to support Coats For Kids with a new calendar which will feature shirtless firemen posing with adorable dogs.

Too bad those guys aren't buff like our DJs. Move over, Cheyenne Firefighters, and let us show the ladies what a real man looks like.

Here's Steve Cooper from 101.9 King FM, getting pumped up for today's morning show.

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Across the hall at 106.3 Cowboy Country, Scott LeTourneau's chiseled abs are even more sensual than his silky, smooth voice.

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Cowboy Country midday host Rodeo Rick is always ready for a hot day on the lake.

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Like the music he plays every afternoon on King FM, Rick Roddam's body is rockin'.

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Our regional Operatons Manager Donovan Short is dressed for success at the office.

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Of course, leadership begins at the top. Bob Price is the General Manager of Townsquare Media - Wyoming and a member of the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Although he's an All-American man, Bob prefers European-style swimwear.

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