Colt Ford and Demun Jones along with a handful of artists have inspired a new kind of country, spearheaded years ago by Hank III. Demun visited Cheyenne yesterday and it wasn't his idea. When the bus broke down in Cheyenne.

I was waiting for a brake job at Mida's of Cheyenne when a tow truck showed up pulling a weird looking bus yesterday morning. It was painted black, buy you could see the outline of the former owner. THE HIGHLAND AVE. CHURCH OF CHRIST. On-board some musicians and a timeout from the road. I went up and engaged them in conversation and they said they were from Georgia. I quickly told them the story of another Georgia band which I was witness, having their bus break down. The Zac Brown Band in 2008 in Fresno, CA on their first radio promo tour.

I was quick to point out the bus did look a lot like the bus in Road Trip which Sean William Scott stole from a School For The Blind. It brought limited laughs. Well it wan't until they left with the alternator fixed and singing the Midas jingle that Chris at Midas showed me their CD. They were on Average Joe Entertainment and recognized that as Colt Ford's record label. Demun Jones is opening on Colt's tour. The were on their way to Salt Lake City from Denver. They will be in Casper at The Beacon in Mills on 10-26. Such a small world.

Enjoy some Demun - It' bumps: