While traveling over the weekend, I was on the lookout for Broncos and Panthers fans.  But what I found instead was over the top for any sports fan!!

On my way back to Wyoming from a benefit auction in Florida I saw this... a jeweled football with a dazzling broncos logo.  I thought, 'Now That is a Valentine's Day present, if I ever saw one!'.

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media

I walked into the store to inquire as to it's cost as I thought it might make a great gift for my girlfriend and surprise her this weekend.  But instead I left the store, running away with my wallet still in my pocket!

That sparkly football I found at a store inside of Denver International Airport - Terminal B, retails for $2400!  But on that Sunday before the Broncos Super Bowl 50 match up, it was on sale for 50% off.

They had footballs representing most every NFL team, even had basketballs, but once I heard the price - I simply said, 'Thank You' - and left quickly.

Think I will have to stick to the chocolates and flowers this Valentine's Day, a $1200 football is way to rich for my blood!