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A movie about Dick Cheney, the only Wyomingite to become vice president, now has a title, “Backseat.” Backseat was one of Cheney’s Secret Service code names when he was known as a backseat driver– to George W. Bush’s presidency.

Cheney also had another Secret Service name - “Angler” - because he was a fisherman. Cheney certainly loves fishing in the Cowboy State.

Christian Bale has the starring role. “Backseat” will show how Bale looks with bleached eyebrows and a lot more weight, according to Sam Rockwell will portray former POTUS, George W. Bush. Bill Pullman plays former vice president Nelson Rockefeller. Steve Carell is Donald Rumsfeld, and Amy Adams plays Lynn Cheney. (Until I see it on screen, I don't see Carell as Rummy, but I've learned not to judge before seeing the finished film.)

Movie industry site imdb calls “Backseat” The story of Dick Cheney and calls Dick Cheney “the most powerful Vice President in history.”

No release date has been set.  Annapurna Pictures is currently in charge of the production.

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