Well lets just say it was another great day on the water. It has been unseasonable warm lately, which has been good for fishing.

There are a few ways to fly fish. Dry fly, where you are on top of the water. Nymphing, where you are below floating like larva and such and there is streamer fishing. Streamer fishing is where you are underwater imitating a small fish or leach possibly. Well I fish a lot of nymphs and dry flies but streamers are not so common for me. I will use them Steelhead fishing or Bass/Pike fishing. Thanks to John of the Montana Back Country Hunters and Anglers and Carl for taking me and helping me chuck streamers

Today I decided to solely streamer fish with the guys. It paid off! This is my first trout on a streamer. It was a yellow and black streamer which I felt was fitting being a big Steelers fan and it being NFL Sunday. I had what I thought was a few hits and actually got a couple nice fish.

Charene Herrera TSM


Charene Herrera TSM

    Winter Fly Fishing