Books are almost a thing of the past, but for some folks, there is no better feeling than reading an actual paperback book.  There are still bookstores out there, here is the top 5 in Wyoming:

1. The Knowledge Nook- Casper, Wy

In Casper, The Knowledge Nook is where all the kids and teachers go to expand their learning skills in many different ways.  They focus on engaging and inspiring the children through reading.  The Nook also has an online store to browse.

2. Wind City Books- Casper, Wy

If there has been a book you've been searching for and just can't find it, with over 10,000 titles in stock Wind City Books is the place to go.  Next time you want to enjoy a good read and some coffee, make your way to Casper, Wy.

3. The Book Rack- Cheyenne, WY

With over 80 stores throughout the country, they still buy and trade books.  The Book Rack may be a corporate franchise, but each store is individually owned and has their own personality.

4. Legends Bookstore- Cody, WY

You will be able to do more than just pick up a book at Legends, they have magazines, newspaper, guides, maps and plenty for the kids.  Grab a book and enjoy a glass of tea from their cafe. Also providing books from local authors.

5. Whistle- Stop Mercantile- Douglas, WY

Walking in, you may be thrown off because of how big it is, don't worry the staff will make you feel right at home.  If you are wanting to learn the history of the West, this is the place to be.  Try some of their new or gently used children books.