The Cowboy Coaster at Snow King Mountian in Jackson, Wy is Wyoming's only roller coaster.  The coaster had its first run back in 2015 when it rose up the 370-foot track and people were racing down it at a top speed of 27 mph.

The Cowboy Coaster isn't your typical coaster.  It is a one-seat coaster unless you have a little one, then they ride with you.  You control how fast or slow you want to go with the hand levers on the side.  It is controlled by magnets to speed you up and gravity to slow you down.  With the magnetic technology, the sound is almost absent from the coaster and the anti-collision technology so riders don't run into each other.

If you want to drive the Cowboy Coaster (must be over 54" tall), the cost is $21.  Passengers (at least 38" tall) price $10.

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