If you look up potential friends, I'd guess you won't find dogs and moose as likely pals. A new video shows that we may need to rethink that as a dog appears to get along just fine with a huge bull.

There's no mention of the exact location, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that it's either Wyoming or Montana. It's probably good that there's a fence in between these two just in case.

Since I don't speak dog language (although I'd love to), I have no idea exactly what this dog was thinking. I do know that the Labradors that my family has had treat fences as their territory. Anyone or anything that dares to approach THEIR fence will face some intense barking. This dog seems fairly chill although you can hear the owner trying to make sure his dog stays calm so it doesn't anger the moose.

If he made up his mind to do it, I'm guessing this bull moose who probably has about 1,500 pounds of mass could go through this fence with little effort. That's one reason I wonder if these two made nice and were friendly.

Gotta love the wildlife in our part of America.

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