With our warm Indian Summer weather of late, it’s easy to put off adventures that celebrate the wonders of Wyoming in winter. Some complain “It’s too cold,” but would be surprised at how much fun you can have when you dress right with insulating layers and get into winter.

Years ago I found myself complaining that “It’s warmer in Alaska than it is here!” I decided to quit bitching and got into Cross Country skiing. I learned to layer, met great people, explored the outdoors and learned to take advantage of the great outdoors while most people holed up inside. Try it yourself, you will not be sorry.

Travel Wyoming has some great ideas for getting off the couch and into a world that is so much fun. Here are just five ideas for unforgettable winter Wyoming adventures.

  1. Dogsledding: Mush your way across the pristine white landscape with eight of your newest canine companions. The Teton and Shoshone national forests in northwest Wyoming are rich with trails and guide companies.
  2. Sleigh rides: Gliding through the snow in a horse-drawn sleigh will forever be a fond family memory. You can personalize your experience with plenty of package options, such as a trip to and from an elegant dinner or a cozy campfire in the Wyoming wilderness.
  3. Snowshoeing: While this serene winter sport might seem intimidating to newbies, no training is necessary. Once you’re strapped into a pair of snowshoes, you need nothing more than a trail map to get started on your adventure — of course, there are also professional guides that will help you navigate if you prefer.
  4. Cross-country skiing: There are 11 resorts in the state dedicated solely to cross-country skiing, and that’s in addition to our state and national parks. Flat, open valleys are plentiful and great for beginners, while more difficult glades and gentle hills offer more of a challenge.

5. Yurt trips: Jaunting from one rustic round cabin to the next amid knee-deep powder is an excursion you can’t find just anywhere. You’ll be busy for days in Southwest Wyoming, where there’s a well-developed trail system connecting five yurts.

You loved winter as a kid, you can have more fun as an adult.