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I got up early this morning, and decided to search the internet for Veteran's Day tributes.  I brought up a page that was on, where they had 18 inspirational pictures of men and women who have served our country.  Much to my shock, the very first picture that popped up was this one of my nephew Jesse and his wonderful wife Kelly, but the tribute wasn't so much about him, as it was about her!

As I read the article underneath this picture, they gave lots of praise to Kelly, whose strength and support is truly inspirational.  This had me thinking of all families of Veterans, who have stood strong, resilient, and truly brave, as they watch their loved ones go off to fight for our country.  It was a reminder to me, that even my nephew Jesse would strongly agree, that we all need to extend our gratitude to the families of these Veterans, past and present who have also sacrificed so much for our country, and to always keep those families of those who have sacrificed the most, our fallen heroes, in our prayers.  As Jesse has said about his wife “She’s truly has carried me through, not only physically, but emotionally, she is my rock…”

To all of those “rocks” who help carry their loved ones who have served and are serving our country, GOD BLESS each and every one of you, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

What Veteran family member deserves some praises today?