I saw a news story about a guy on his cell phone on the deck of a yacht when a Humpback Whale surfaced next to his boat and he didn't even give it a glance. Are we too wrapped up in our technology to see the world around us?

Do you know what really chaps my hide? People on phones watching the world pass by them. What are they doing? Are they texting and talking to people about anything constructive? The store is a great place to start. Why are people walking down the aisles at Wal Mart texting and talking on the phone on a Saturday morning? Is it that important that they can't wait until they get home? Wondering if this is some kind of status thing, where you have to be on the phone to be cool.

In the 60's, Simon and Garfunkel recorded a big hit called "The 59th Street Bridge Song". You might remember the line in the song. Slow down you move too fast, you have to make the morning last. I am pretty wound up and need to slow down, it's my personality and not the phone. Oh lord, I am not a texter and caller on the phone. I make up for that in conversation and emails.

A friend told me she had friends come down for the weekend and the visitors sat on their phones playing games and looking at stuff on thier phones. She said it would've been nice if they could have put down their phones and engaged in some conversation.

The picture of the cell phone yachter sums it up. An amazing site like a Humpback whale surfaces by his boat and he blows it off. Slow down, we are moving too fast.