If you don’t want Halloween blowback, i.e. soaped windows and flaming bags of poo, arm yourself with the right Halloween candy, so the little moochers, er, um…  “trick or treaters” get the good stuff.  But choosing which Halloween candy to buy, might have a little something to do with what state you’re living in.

Surveying 40,000 people, Influenster.com found which candy is the most popular by state, including Wyoming:

If you live in Alaska, you’re prone to like the candy bar that’s “packed with peanuts,” as the Snickers bar is most popular in the land of “The last frontier.”

Florida is big on Nestle Crunch Bars, while Idaho favors Bart Simpson’s favorite, the Butterfinger candy bar.  Kansas loves Twizzlers, Georgia loves Pixie Sticks. Our neighbors in Colorado go for Milky Way candy bars, while our Nebraska neighbors love their Skittles.

When it comes to the Cowboy State, Influenster.com found that the most popular candy, surprisingly is….Candy Corn.  Candy Corn???  Really?? We're not alone, we are joined by Tennessee, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, for choice of this long time Halloween candy.

So even though Wyoming is a big fan of Candy Corn, I don’t think the little trick-or-treaters in our state would be too upset if you handed them a Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfinger, Twizzlers, Starburst Chews or M&M’s…Just stay clear of handing out those wax lips or little wax Coke bottles.

Wait, I know, hand out bullion cubes! Beef or chicken, they come in those shine foil wrappers and would be a great trick when they dig in later at home!

So now that you know that Candy Corn is the favorite Halloween candy in the state of Wyoming, do you agree with this study?