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Win a Trip to See Hunter Hayes in California!
How is Hunter Hayes planning to celebrate his new album ‘Storyline?’ By hooking up his fans of course. The new album hits stores on May 6 but the singer is hoping to see you at his show in Santa Barbara, Calif. on June 15. Enter here for a chance to win this flyaway.
Album Spotlight: Hunter Hayes, ‘Storyline’
The beauty of Hunter Hayes’ new ‘Storyline’ album is in what it’s lacking. There’s few if any lyrical hooks to find yourself tweezing out days later. The production is appropriate, and at times heavy. But the arrangements are never protecting a weak lyric or uninsp…
Hunter Hayes 'Everybody's Got Somebody But Me'
Hunter Hayes' duet with Jason Mraz is his fifth single release from his self-titled debut album and its repackaging. But 'Everybody's Got Somebody But Me' still manages to show something new to those who haven't bought it. It's a change of pace from the heavy ballads an…
Hunter Hayes Plays Douglas [PHOTOS]
With #1 singles like "Wanted" and "Somebody's Heartbreak," it was no surprise that the line for Hunter Hayes was wrapped almost entirely around the Ford Grandstand Arena at the Wyoming State Fair.
Hank and ... Hunter H At 4
Hunter Hayes is coming to Douglas, Wyoming for the Wyoming State Fair next week. Just to get you excited for the show here is a little something from a number of years ago that underlines the fact that this is one talented young man.

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