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Woman Joins Search Party To Find… Herself?
I’ve heard of people trying to find themselves, but never before have I heard of anyone joining their own search party to do it, that is until now! A woman who was vacationing in Iceland, somehow ended up joining a search party, that was put together to find a missing person who just so happ…
The Fruitcake Lady Tells It Like It Is [VIDEO, LANGUAGE]
Now that there's been a switch in our late night television lineup, this was brought to my mind today, as people were passing this hysterical video of a special guest Jay Leno had on the tonight show, "the Fruitcake Lady," and when it comes to telling it like it is, this lady is anyth…
Is It Wrong To Feed The Rabbits?
When my husband and I moved to Cheyenne, we were so surprised to see some visitors in our front yard, at least 3 rabbits who have managed to settle down in our neighborhood, only thing is, I think the people who lived in our house before us were feeding them, should I do the same?
Redneck Headlines - 86 Trees?
Don't spend hours scouring the web for the best and weirdest news from around the world - let us do it! Each weekday we proudly present you with the best Redneck Headlines and the stories behind them.
Are You Superstitious About Friday The 13th?
Its Friday…the 13th…EEEEK! So would you have known that it was Friday the 13th if we hadn’t told you? Some people say yes! Some people are so fearful of Friday the 13th, they’ll actually call in sick, and just stay home, praying that something bad doesn’t happen…

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