Not everyone can be a professional taxidermist — actually, it’s a trade that requires an extensive amount of study. While I'm not the "oh look at the cute bunny" sort of guy, though, I can admire a good disaster when I come upon one. And here's a total train-wreck...

Danish Facebook user brings us “Dårligt udstoppede dyr” (or “Badly Stuffed Animals” in the words of Google Translate). My nomination for understatement of the day, and what I suspect to be a front-runner for the month of January.

And while most of the mounts are quite tasteful and all of them are certainly skillfully done, I can think of a few stuffed critters in the Safari Club tavern in Thermopolis, my previous home, that might make this list. Sadly, they don't appear to have their best stuff on their website.

Come to think of it, that's probably smart. Someone from Europe would just post it to Facebook.