In honor of National Police Week, we salute the average Cheyenne police officer who answers nearly 33 percent more calls than the other hard-working officers around the nation. Thank you for your sacrifices

Each Cheyenne officer handled an average of 690 radio assigned calls. The average handled calls per officer is at 521 within the U.S. This means the Cheyenne Police Handled 32.5 percent more calls than the average officer in other cities.

(Did we mention the Department still needs more officers? You can apply here)

While short staffed in 2016, Cheyenne PD still met all of its goals under Chief Kozack, and exceded their goal of reducing DUI accidents.

The CPD has initiatives to improve the quality of officers here in Cheyenne. If you ask us, they're already doing a great job.

Thank you, CPD.