Well, there is good news about being in Wyoming when Yellowstone erupts. We’ll be the first to go. Our end will be so quick it may even be painless. Not long ago Thrillist.com had a funny list - each state’s most annoying question and along with it came a good way to answer. For Wyoming, the question was, “Are you worried about living on top of a giant super volcano?” The recommended response was, “Hey, when that thing blows you're probably screwed too.”

See, I just don't like that word, "When." I mean I hope it's when I've been gone for a few hundred years.

And I’d add that Wyoming isn’t the only place where a catastrophe can happen. In Ventura County, California there are fires followed by mudslides are almost annual events. This year the Thomas Fire was a special kind of awful and then the embers were doused alright, by black ashen slides. Why do people build homes in those hills? That's my annoying question.

In Wyoming, we go to those kinds of places to camp, but when ready, pick up our tents and go home.

Meanwhile, I like how an expert “prepper” uses the word “If” the end must come,

NO amount of prepper breakup poetry scribbled in tears will change that – so we might as well have as many chuckles as we can along the way.

Our super caldera seems so expected to blow now, the word has become “when.” “When it happens we’re all going to die.” Remember when that used to be “If?”