"The Soda Fountain" is in one of the oldest buildings in Chugwater, Wyoming. Most of its original history has been wonderfully saved, since 1914.

The building was first a doctor’s office and a pharmacy. On the back the Soda Fountain menu you can read the 103 year history of 314 1st Street. "The pharmacy and the Soda Fountain co-existed for some time." Eventually one of the owners let the pharmacy license expire. What a shame, but the fountain lived on.

After putting down that good read on the menu, as a person looks around, it all starts to become a great museum of its own, filled with traces of an era before World War I - like the really old doctor’s office façade. It's also nice that the employees are happy to point out those highlights. One by one, I said, "Wow, cool," or "Oh sweeet," or "That is really too cool for school." (Sorry, I never said that even when I was a schoolkid.)

Ownership changed hands many times - with small changes each time, though it also seems there is much that was never changed. A large area of drawers were once filled with paper prescriptions. Above the tall mirror that soda bar customers face, they’ve even kept the early year models of Hamilton Beach equipment that made great shakes and malts.

And there’s one thing that can never change - the presence of Wendell. Now about 80 years old, Wendall is an elk - shot in 1946. A town petition prevents Wendall from ever leaving - no matter the owner.

Scott LeTourneau, Townsquare Media
Scott LeTourneau, Townsquare Media